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Monday May 4th @ 9pm Xelas/Tamir/Kraken Fury
Xelas/Tamir/Kraken Fury Xelas - is a Lexington post-rock band, and will be presenting acoustic and electric music written in collaboration with visiting Mongolian throat singer Tamir.

Kraken Fury - Kraken Fury is solo acoustic musings of a local wildman.

In addition to the unique live performance, at this event Xelas is also releasing their studio album, "Remember the Clear Light."

Cover: $5.00
Wednesday May 6th @ 9pm Kelly Ruth/Juliana/Bard's Woe
Kelly Ruth/Juliana/Bard's Woe It's been a year since Juliana released her first full length album Slow Love. For the past twelve months she has been acclimating to her new home of Nashville, TN becoming immersed in the vibrant music community. Her songs are gentle and catchy, reminding listeners of the likes of Gillian Welch as she pours her personal history of love and loss into her lyrics.
Yankee Blood is the new moniker for Nashville sweetheart Kelly Ruth who has been taking the plunge into darker songwriting territories since recorder her latest work. She swapped her upright for an electric bass and conjures the more contemporary stylings of Sylvan Esso and Jenny Lewis while maintaining a unique voice.

Cover: $5.00
Thursday May 7th @ 9pm Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley This unique collaborative effort between two uniquely gifted musicians--Rob Ickes is a longtime, well established instrumental giant, and Trey Hensley is newly arrived in Music City, bursting with talent both as a vocalist and guitarist--is bound to be a revelation to traditional music fans on several counts. It is the vehicle which first introduces Trey Hensley to much of the bluegrass and country music world.

One is struck when talking to Rob and Trey by the satisfaction they both feel about what they have produced. The album was recorded mostly live, with minimal overdubs, fixes, punch-ins, or even very many takes and with all the musicians in one room in only a few days of studio time. Rob, the driving force behind the album and the man largely responsible for its being made, says that his favorite albums by the pioneers of the music, the ones that made him want to make music in the first place, were made this way. The spontaneity and sheer joy of creation among a small group of master musicians is palpable in listening to the completed product.

After purchasing you ticket for the show, call Natasha's for your table reservation at 859 259-2754.

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Friday May 8th @ 9pm Will Solomon with Bebo Baxter
Will Solomon with Bebo Baxter Folk::Soul::Singer/Songwriter
With thoroughbreds for neighbors and limestone under his feet, Will grew up in the heart of the Bluegrass State. He ate his vegetables, learned how to tie his shoelaces with his eyes closed, and played with Ninja Turtles. Later in life, he picked up the guitar, moved to the Appalachian foothills to study jazz, then headed south for Nashville.While living in Music City, Will says, "My Trapper Keeper was heavy from all of the note taking...with all of the talent around, you can't help but take notes." After six years in Tennessee, Will felt the sirens of Kentucky calling him back home. Since returning, Will has put together a band, played some tunes for some fine folks, and started working on his debut collection of songs that's set to be released in 2015.

Cover: $10.00
Saturday May 9th @ 8pm The Bats
The Bats Cabaret::Comedy::Ensemble

Bringing together the seven diverse talents known as The Bats has netted a genre that can best be described as cabaret meets rock and roll... and everything in between. The five meddlesome women and two foolhardy men of this distinctive group embrace musical styles ranging from goofy to poignant. United by the angst and joys of middle age, they bare their souls onstage, singing of love lost and found, the perks and stings of growing bolder, and of life's best and worst moments. Whether covering other artists' material or singing their own original tunes, The Bats rock the stage with tight vocal harmonies and skillful musicianship, wit and sophistication, energy and creativity... then they throw in props and choreography for good measure! They sing, they dance, they yodel, & they won't stop, even if you ask them to.
The "Bats experience" is unique, smart, fun, lively, refreshing, and most of all entertaining. Don't miss it!

Tickets must be purchased through the Box Office, Monday- Friday, 10am-4pm. 859-259-2754

Cover: $10.00
Sunday May 10th @ 9pm Zosimos
Zosimos From the creative minds of Natasha's own Aileen Carroll and Aaron Knapp, ZOSIMOS is an aesthetic extravaganza sure to stir the senses and inspire the imagination. Our first event will feature musical performances from two local bands, Morning Without You (a progressive folk rock band featuring Tyler Thompson, formerly of 'Deep Time') and Driftwood Gypsy (a psychedelic funk jam band), with an interlude of poetic performances by Marcus Wilkerson (of Tribe Called Lex). Accompanying the music, Aaron (Chemical Marriage) will be creating a live drawing inspired by the aesthetic atmosphere which will be auctioned at the end of the night to support the ManCamp project at Berea's Playthink festival. In addition to the live music, art, and poetry, ZOSIMOS will also feature a tarot card reader as well as an intoxicating new cocktail menu which includes specials concocted with Absinthe. Your $10 cover grants you complete access to this playground of synchronicity and includes a collectable artwork available only at ZOSIMOS events. Come find the others.

Cover: $10.00
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