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Thursday Jun 5th @ 9pm Phil Lee & Tommy Womack
Phil Lee & Tommy Womack Rock::Blues
Before he settled in to becoming one of the best songwriters in captivity, Phil Lee spent a couple of decades playing drums, driving trucks, dumping motorcycles, hauling equipment, stealing hearts, eluding the authorities and raising Cain.
Phil is a hipster madman Huck Finn meets Jack Kerouac. If he were a character in "On The Road" he'd be the guy in the back seat telling Sal and Dean which billboards the Highway Patrol is lurking behind, which diners have the prettiest waitresses, where to find the best pie a la mode in any given two mile stretch of Route 66 and where you can stop and get your hat blocked in an emergency 24 hours a day, no appointment necessary. Or, more likely, he'd be the guy they were barreling down the road to meet for hot coffee and enlightenment.

As both an artist and a person, Tommy Womack has been called everything from "Tom Lehrer with a Telecaster" to "Nashville's best loved musical eccentric," and he might blushingly, but proudly, accept both titles. That's because separating Womack the man and Womack the artist is impossible, as they're both the same guy. An award-winning recording artist and a published author, Womack writes songs as honest as anything Hank Williams or Steve Earle ever recorded, and has attracted the attention of the national press while accumulating a loyal following.
Womack came to Nashville from Kentucky, where he led the legendary post-punk band Government Cheese and now plays in a variety of groups including a duo with Will Kimbrough, the Tommy Gun Clash tribute band, and the Alphabetical Kinks will Bill Lloyd.

Cover: $10.00
Saturday Jun 7th @ 8pm The Bats
The Bats Cabaret::Comedy::Ensemble

Bringing together the eight diverse talents known as The Bats has netted a genre that can best be described as cabaret meets rock and roll. .. and everything in between. The five feisty women and three very brave men of this distinctive group embrace many musical styles with the material ranging from comical to poignant. They sing of love lost and found, the joys and stings of growing older, and of life's best and worst moments. Whether covering other artists' songs or singing their own original tunes, the common denominator is tight vocal harmonies, skillful musicianship, wit and sophistication, energy and creativity ... with props and choreography thrown in for good measure. They sing, they dance, they yodel ..and they're real good lookin'.
In total the "Bats experience" is unique, smart, fun, lively, refreshing, and most of all entertaining.

Tickets must be purchased through the Box Office, Monday- Friday, 10am-4pm. 859-259-2754

Tickets: $10.00
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